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Recreational/Sport Whip Cracking

Recreational Whip Cracking can be defined as "whip cracking with the goal of entertaining oneself and others". Although we sometimes also refer to it as a "Sport", and competition can be an aspect of what we do, the term is more a reflection of the techniques involved than the competitive aspects. Recreational whip cracking includes many areas of whip cracking skills but each individual is free to determine their own specific interests. Recreational Whip Cracking includes...

  • Recreational/hobby users
  • Professional circus/show cracking
  • Complex/Rhythmic patterns
  • Trick whipping
  • Targeting
  • Flow arts 

Code of Conduct

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Participants of "Recreational Whip Cracking" want the rest of the world understand the value of whip cracking for entertainment and exercise. It is however, important for us to accept and understand that over the thousands of years that they have existed, whips have indeed been used for cruel and evil purposes. While we recognize that dark history does exist, our members are trying to change that view of whips.

To this end, members of MWA are expected to be morally superior to those that would misuse these skills, and are expected to obey the following code of conduct.

Members will:

  1. Share their knowledge and skill with others and encourage other whip crackers to grow beyond their current abilities
  2. Accept that the sport of whip cracking may offend some people and still deal with them respectfully
  3. Not behave in any way that would reflect badly on the recreational whip cracking community
  4. Not misuse their skills, by hurting or abusing any person or animal, nor be involved with any racist or criminal groups

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