Learn to crack a whip with us!

We're a group of mid-westerners that like to crack whips

Whip cracking is a sport, performance art, and even martial art, practiced worldwide by thousands who study everything from basic handling and advanced multi-whip routines to precision targeting and performance. Whip practitioners come from all walks of life, all genders, ages, and ethnicities. Most can be found at weekend meetups, participating in online and fan groups, and contests and shows around the world.

Some of us got into whip cracking because of movies and television: Indiana Jones, Cat Woman, and Zorro. Others started because of a connection to martial arts, and some of us saw a professional whip artist on TV or at a live event. Whatever the initial draw might have been, we all became fascinated with the sound, the movement, and the challenge.

We strive to promote sport, recreational, and performance whip cracking as a fun and challenging activity by helping our members develop their skills and encouraging others to try it

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Free whip meetups

No experience needed!

Meet ups are a great way to to give whip cracking a try without the cost of buying a whip.  Most of us bring several whips to these events, so you can try a variety of whips and see what style and length feels best to you.

We try to meet once a month through out the spring, summer, and fall. Send us an email at mwawhips@gmail.com and we'll add you to our mailing list.

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